Bajri Vada
  1. In a mixing bowl or thali take both flour, add all masala, now add oil and preheat curd (as required), knead a nice dough of Bajri Vada, taste a little dough and check the seasoning, if required then add.
  2. Divide the Bajri flour dough into small puri size balls and gently press the doughballs with help of palm, or otherwise divided the dough into big portions and roll into big round shape and then cut into small round shape with help of round mould.
  3. Heat oil in a kadai, deep bottom pan, once the oil is hot put one Bajri Vada into it and see if it’s frying properly, if ok add more Vadas and deep fry them.
  4. Deep fry the Bajri Vada until they gets nice golden brown colour (both the sides) on low medium flame.
  5. Keep the Bajri Vada on paper napkin, after cool transfer to airtight container.
  6. Enjoy Bajri Vada with a cup of tea, coffee. You can also eat with preheated curd.