Mexican Tikki

Forget the aloo tikki. This is a better version, a healthier version, a cleaner version and best of all it’s Jain. This tikkis are versatile to eat, you can have it between two buns as a burger, or just by itself with chutneys and pastes and salads. Easy to make and delicious to taste, kidsRead more

Ragda Pattice Shot

On a rainy day or a visit to beach, Mumbaikars love this chaat dish called Ragda Pattice. This is my version of Ragda Pattice with a twist. It’s a good starter dish to wow the guests with, without any alcohol or most importantly jain. Read on to view the recipe.

Paneer Roll

The delicious paneer roll is so famous in Bombay that it can be found at 3 in the morning. It’s tongue tickling. It’s spicy. It’s chatpatta. It’s cubes of paneer sauteed and then covered by a roti that has a couple of pastes on it. It’s simple to make and at the same time itRead more