Schezwan Mayo Corn

Remember the boiled masala corn at your local cinema? or the masala corn at chowpatty by the beach? I have given a twist to this famous roadside snack and turned it into schezwan mayo corn. Indulge in it without any guilt, while you binge watch your favourite tv show or film in the comfort of your home. Make your home smell like the cinema, with this simple to make schezwan mayo corn, and it just takes about 5 minutes to assemble it. Plus you get to learn to make mayo, schezwan and the special masala all at home.

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Schezwan Mayo Corn
  1. In a bowl, add mayo and schezwan. Mix it well. If you have a ketchup bottle like the one at restaurant, add the mixture to it. Another convenient way to drizzle is to use a piping bag.
  2. Take another bowl, add boiled corn, coriander, lemon juice, frankie masala, salt and pepper. Mix it really well. Drizzle it with schezwan mayo. If you want, you can mix it again and garnish it with coriander.

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