Make Bread at Home with a Cooker!

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Make Bread at Home with a Cooker!
  1. Sieve the wheat flour with a siever.
  2. Add curd, malai, salt and sugar.
  3. Mix it well and beat it with whisk or a hand mixer.
  4. Prepare a dough, make sure it is not flowy.
  5. Add milk if required
  6. Then add eno soda and mix it well
  7. Take a bread tin of any shape that you like.
  8. Grease the rectangle bread tin well and also grease the lid
  9. Put the batter in it.
  10. Then keep that tin in a round aluminum (jadi baati) cooker. Remove the whistle from the top.
  11. Keep it for 30 min on medium flame
  12. Once cooked, let it cool down and slice according to your requirements.

13 thoughts on “Make Bread at Home with a Cooker!

  1. What can use instead of malai? I get tetra pack milk, no malai in that.

    Also can I use any other heavy bottomed vessel or cooker is a must ? No water to be put inside the cooker ?

    1. You don’t need to put water inside the cooker. You can put salt.

      Instead of Malai, you can try clarified butter(ghee) or oil . 🙂

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